Four Songs

by The New & Very Welcome

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This is a demo constructed for the record label Dear New England to be put inside their split release between The Brass and Her Breath On Glass. 25 were made, 15 were sent to DNE and the remaining 10 were sold at shows.


released February 15, 2009



all rights reserved


The New & Very Welcome Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

only bad boys try to eat their sisters arms.

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Track Name: When I Beg You To Come Over (Demo)
Why can't I relax?
I know you would like that.
I don't want to be that thing that keeps you up and steals your sleep when you need it.
I don't want to be that thing that keeps you from your dreams.
I just wish you'd dream of me.
Track Name: I Can't Keep Up (Demo)
I should really speak before I think.
I waste too much time thinking of speaking that the opportunity just up and leaves me.
And yes, I had dreams.
But they were of flesh and of frivolous things, like the house we'd turn into a home / you and I out on the west coast.
Lock me up, throw away the key.
All these false assumptions have bludgeoned me.
And I'm down for the count.
I can't help it, I am selfish.
If you leave, I don't think I could catch you.
I can't catch you.
What would it take to make you stay?
Your welcome is not as worn as my heart is.
Your welcome is not as worn as my heart will be.
Track Name: One-Two-Three, One-Two-Three (Demo)
I too scribble down sentences that strike me.
Ten pins get knocked down before your eager eyes.
I always seem to see things more clearly in the blindness of the night.
I abhor the facts that I can't face and the faces that I make when I am on the verge of mixing up my words in the most terminal of ways.
And I implore and I implore because I'll never know for sure.
What can I know when you'll barely budge an inch?
I can know you love me dearly and that's all I need to continue to dance the waltz in my kitchen despite your resistance.
I will lead and I will feed off of our loves existence.
Follow suite and you will soon see the long lengths I'd go to keep you.
Keep on dancing with me.
Close your eyes, let your lids kill the light.
Hold me tight, hold me tight, hold me tightly.
I can't breathe as easily as I need to inside of this apartment.
What a chillingly similar theme.
Am I doomed to repeat?
What exactly do I deserve now?
Track Name: Lazy Empty House (Demo)
I'll try not to talk too much, as if I ever talk to much.
I take too many showers as of late.
If I'm not careful I may just drip down the drain and right now that would be quite okay.
And would you pull me back up?
Could you pull me back up and out of.
I love you so much.
And I am tired of walking around this house like I live here as if I lived here.
Could we be happy?
I think so.