The Acoustic EP

by The New & Very Welcome

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was the first of many acoustic albums to come, little did I know at the time.


released February 15, 2006



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The New & Very Welcome

only bad boys try to eat their sisters arms.

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Track Name: What You Say Can And Will Be Held Against You (Acoustic)
Use me like a book that no one wants to read.
Throw me right across the room and step on me.
Tear my spine in half and let the blood drip down my paper back.
And I will hold every word against you.
So keep this close in mind the next time you decide to lie.
Just call me the diary with the broken lock.
Please steal my sincerity, oh, I am so in love...
Read aloud the pages.
With paramount of betrayal, invade me.
Track Name: And No One Said ''No'' (Acoustic)
Does this still remind you
Of the season where the trees shed all their leaves?
Well isn't that just terribly ironic...
So pull the poem off the paper
From the drawer where you keep your letters
Let's try to fit these words you've written to these chords

Take these leaves and bury me
Beneath your sheats
I promise not to make a sound.
You and me, you know that we
Never had a chance
'Cause I can't breathe when you're around.

I plan on making you believe
That I am more than wilting leaves
That fall off from the shaking trees in fall
I'll be the blood dried on your cheek
That stains your sheets while you're asleep
The scars you hide beneath your sleeve from all...

Take these leaves and bury me
Beneath your sheats
I promise not to make a sound
You and me, you know that we
Never had a chance
'Cause I can't breathe when you're around

Someone call an ambulance 'cause this is where it gets good
"And no one said no sliding down your throat"
"I will never be 18..."
Track Name: As The City Falls: Parts II & III
Let's make a toast to the holes in our beds
Where winter and autumn once kissed and had slept
And that's when everything went black
Let's have one last dance in this cold parking lot
With the beat of the waltz we collapse on the rocks
I wish that I could drive you off a bridge

This is love, hands down, hands down
So blow those birthday candles out
I'll believe in you as long as you'll believe in me
So tilt back your head and let's drink to believing
" 'Cause you're beautiful and you best know by now that I know it
And believe it with the whole of my heart"
And I started to say your name ends and begins with an A, with an A
This way no one will ever have to ask
Who this song's about again, I guess
I guess, I guess, things like this are easier said than executed
Execute me! My hear is yours, so shoot me!
And I can promise that I will die with a smile
As the bullet slides down the back of my tongue
I'm so filled up with love in my lungs
Track Name: Unfortunatly My Acoustic Grand Piano Fell From A Second Story Window
Don't let me die.
The ambulance is right on time.
Give me your hand and I'll hold it as my eyes fall shut.
Give me your breath and I'll keep it, fill my lungs with love.
Don't let me die, you're keeping me alive.
Don't let me die.